Friday Feature: Choosing Your Stationery with Riot + Revel


“Riot + Revel will bring your event and story to life to create a uniquely branded experience that will wow your guests.” -Heather Ormond

Whether you are planning your graduation, bachelorette party, or wedding, stationery is the perfect way to take your event to the next level. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to sit down with Heather Ormond, talented owner of Riot + Revel. Heather provides custom stationery for any type of event, as well as custom business cards, announcements, menus, cocktail napkins, day of wedding papers and beyond.  We did a little Q & A, and have some great insight below to share with you.

Q: Describe your ideal client for Riot + Revel.

With custom stationery there are no templates or designs to choose from--rather each individual piece is custom designed and created based on the client’s needs, budget, story and vision. For Heather, the ideal client embraces that custom experience and is excited to create completely unique and individual stationery for their event. For weddings, she prefers to be involved in designing each piece of stationery--from save-the-date to thank you cards--so that a theme or personal story is entwined throughout.

Q: How do you help clients through the customization process?

Heather’s design process always begins with a face-to-face consultation with the client(s) to gain an understanding of their personalities, style and event vision. After getting to know the clients at an initial consultation, Heather can offer guidance and direction in coming up with corresponding stationery tying in the finest of details. From the physical feel of the paper, textures, thoughtful designs, font styles, printing methods and wording of the text, no detail is overlooked.   Heather will work with the client on a draft and tweak until it is perfect.  

Q: Why should a client choose to work with a custom stationer vs. an online source?

There are several benefits to working with a custom stationer like Heather.  Not only are we huge fans of supporting small, local businesses, but the plus of a local designer is the close attention you will receive in comparison to an online “chat” portal or robot on the phone.  Heather establishes a relationship with the client so they feel confident they can reach her for a phone call, etiquette advice, last minute hiccup, added escort card, etc. Through online vendors, you don’t always receive that attention. Additionally, with Heather, all of her creations are 100% unique and original--you will never see anyone else with your stationery!

Q: Is custom stationery affordable?

Many seek out online stationery services because they believe it is cost effective, when in fact, it is most often not. The time, energy, and money that is required to build your own stationery online can be overwhelming and fall short of your expectations; Heather eliminates much of that stress by becoming a trusted vendor, and taking care of the complete design, order and printing process. For an average bride, invitations cost $4-$6, however, there is no set price; all components of stationery such as style of paper, ink, envelopes, and added details can vary.  This gives Riot + Revel the opportunity to work closely with the client to adjust components as needed to stay within any budget a client may have.

Q: How long does custom stationery take to create?

One of the biggest misconceptions clients often make during their planning process is underestimating the time it takes for stationery to be created and delivered. For any event, Heather recommends reaching out to her for a consultation 10-12 weeks before needing the stationery in hand. Heather advises that a save-the-date card needs to be sent out no later than 5 months before the wedding date. For wedding invitations, they should be in the recipient's mailbox 8-10 weeks before the wedding. This allows ample time for guests to take any necessary action such as RSVPing, filling out a menu card, booking flights or accommodations, etc.

Q: What’s the best advice you have for anyone searching for stationery?

Heather explained- “When choosing stationery, think about each individual element of your day and really understand your intentions for this type of communication. What information do you need and want to convey to the guest receiving it?”  In addition, Heather encourages thinking about at least one personal element to add to the stationery to make it stand out. Designing stationery should be an exciting and creative process that sets the tone for your entire event so her final advice is, have fun with it!