Marsala for your Monday!

Introducing the fabulous 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala.

What’s not to love about this color? It is strong and dramatic yet at the same time gives off a sophisticated, elegant and calming feeling.   Whether you’re wearing, accessorizing, or designing your event around Marsala, it is guaranteed to make a statement.

We love hearing how the fashion and wedding world will be shaped by the next Pantone color of the year.  We had to pull together some inspiration to share some luscious Marsala on this Monday morning.

Let’s start with some basic color pairings. 

For those of you who are in the process of designing your wedding or event, these pairings make for some amazing color palates. One of our favorites, Marsala and Mauve, complement each other so nicely!

Marsala + Mauve is a versatile color pairing with limitless options for creativity, that works beautifully whether it's fall, winter or spring.  

While definitely a stand out color, rich and romantic Marsala happens to be flattering on various skin tones.

A huge hit on the Spring 2015 Runway, expect to see various shades of Marsala in both men and women’s clothes this season. Stay on trend and try incorporating some Marsala into your wardrobe and beauty products- it’s certain to make you feel attractive and confident. 

Right, Blake?  Stunning!

She’s not the only celebrity that’s been recently spotted rocking Marsala, it’s all over the red carpets.  For more inspiration on how you can marvel in Marsala, check out our Pinterest board here!

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