what they’re saying


 "Jennings’ attention to detail, organization, and competency made me feel extremely confident; not only that my vision would be realized but that the day, no matter what disasters arose, would go smoothly with Jennings at the helm.

She was able to help walk me through interactions with vendors, making sure the right questions were asked and answered—things that I didn't have the experience to know on my own!

She was easy to communicate with, and quick to return phone calls and emails.

I would not have been such a calm bride without Jennings by my side!"


Kate Rogge, Bride


"It is surprising how much time and effort goes into planning an event.

Whether it’s 30 guests or 800, Jennings works diligently to create and execute a flawless party.

She really doesn't miss a single detail, and is so collected through it all!"


Caroling Harding, Virginia Repertory Theatre board member & Fairy Tale Ball Chair 2011


"We can't thank you enough for planning our dream wedding while guiding us through this sometimes stressful process.

We were so lucky to have had a professional, who knew precisely how to manage all the moving pieces of a perfect wedding.

 Working with someone so understanding, easy going and versatile made planning fun.

You were a pleasure to work with!"


Iliyana Lazarova, Bride


 "My biggest thank-you of all goes to the best wedding planner ever.

She worked behind the scenes to make everything run like clockwork, handling and diverting potential catastrophes without breaking a sweat, and more importantly, without me knowing it!

She is so gifted at what she does and I can't begin to thank her for helping to make our wedding day truly magical."


Emily Cole-Jones, Bride 

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 "I met Jennings through a mutual friend and immediately recognized how easy she was to get along with.

She ran with my ideas easily and turned our dreams into a reality. 

She was poised and calm while directing everything behind the scenes for our wedding without a hitch.

Not only is she an amazing person who truly cares about her clients, but she has a wealth of event planning experience she brings to the table.

Jennings was an amazing wedding coordinator and I'd recommend her to anyone!"  


Whitney Harrison, Bride



You were amazing to work with and inspiring to follow as we planned the first Virginia Rep Gala.

Thank you for all you did to make it a fun experience.

The theatre is lucky to have you working so graciously behind the scenes with such organization and poise!"


Cal Jennison, Event Chair & the Gala Committee



  "Jennings is my heroine.  

What in the world would I have done without her?

 Last night was wonderful. 

The guests couldn't share enough kudos for the many, many ways in which she made the evening a success. 

Her attention to detail,  just the right amount of everything and the overall execution of her responsibilities were superb, all while being her charming special self."


Lisa Freeman, Business Owner